Pitch & Putt

Pitch & Putt Mas Nou

9 holes to start play golf

Pitch & Putt course

A route aimed at all types of players and ideal to get into this fantastic sport. Here you can start your career as a golfer, improve your game or simply share a healthy and happy day with friends. A 9-hole course that guarantees fun on the course with the possibility of doing 18, with a first round of 825m and a second round with 763 and double starts on holes 5, 7 and 8. A very original course with some spectacular holes and a total length of 1588 meters. It should be noted that it is watered by reclaimed water, and the route maintains great respect for the environment.

Course information



We finished with another quite long hole, where we found a huge frontal bunker on the right side of the green.

116mts - Hcp 7


Third and last hole with double tee. Long, narrow hole, in an ascending up slope and without visibility on the green.

108 mts / 67 mts – hcp 1


Un hoyo impresionante, quizás uno de los hoyos de P&P más espectaculares. Entre el tee y el green hay un desnivel de aproximadamente 15 metros.

101 mts / 89 mts - hcp 15


The longest hole on the course and the most open. Two bunkers that protect the green.

116 - HCP 13


First hole where there is a double tee, which does not substantially change his general vision. A hole very similar to the previous one, but 25 meters longer.

83 mts / 74 mts - HCP 9


Short uphill hole where the green is not visible (blind hole) and with an intimidating and immense frontal bunker.

54 mts - HCP 11


Pitch & Putt Mas Nou - Hole 2. Short hole with the green below the tee. The danger lies in a large front bunker.

55 mts - Hcp 5


Quite similar to the previous hole but longer. Again we have an out of bounds on the left and a large bunker on the front.

90 mts - Hcp 17


To begin, a very visually impressive hole, where the green is located on the other side of the mountain protected by two bunkers.

102 mts – Hcp 3

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