Golf Rules


Follow them, be a good golfer


Essential to go out to play


Check the course rules

Rules of etiquette

The golf player stands out for his commitment and following the established rules.

The player who uses the Club Golf d'Aro - Mas Nou facilities must bear in mind and apply the Golf Rules of the Spanish and Catalan Golf Federations and the Rules of Etiquette.

Dress code

Indispensable to dress correctly to go out to the course

All sports must be practiced in appropriate clothing. Golf is one of the oldest dress code sports in existence and still in force, so golf attire must be impeccable and consistent with the standards and tradition of the game of golf. However, our Proshop is equipped with the necessary clothing, so any inadvertent errors with clothing can be quickly resolved.

Golf d'Aro local rules

Following local rules is important to speed up the good game.

In addition to the current Golf Rules established by the R&A and the USGA 2016-2019, the Local Rules will be mandatory, which we provide to our players to speed up the game, as well as guarantee a good rhythm of play.

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