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Club Golf d'Aro is now Pet Friendly

March 2021 – Club Golf d’Aro is pleased to inform you of the decision to allow its players access to the course with their pets.

Pets have acquired an important role in our lives, which is why we have decided to give their space also within a sport as familiar as golf.

Pet access regulations are limited to a few rules for the well-being of all players:

  • Keep your dog under control throughout the game.
  • The dog must be tied at all time with a leash.
  • While you prepare and perform your blow, the animal must be tied up (in the cart, buggie or in your stick bag).
  • The dog cannot step on greens or bunkers.
  • Collect your pet’s feces (you don’t want your ball to fall into poop, do you?)
  • If your dog barks and gets nervous among strangers or if he sees other dogs, he obviously shouldn’t go out to play with you.

Do you dare to take your dog to our golf course?

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