Dreaming of hitting your driver down the 1st tee? Some useful ideas for you

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Dreaming of hitting your driver down the 1st tee? 

Don't lose your Hope...Club Golf d'Aro brings you a few ideas to keep your game in check while you can't hit the Fairways or even the Range during the current COVID-19 lockdown. This way you'll retain your form and your motivation to get back on the course when it's safe again.

Practice your putting

Some of us have been lucky enough to invest in a putting matt to use indoors, and if that's your case then great! But if not, there is always a more home-made solution of using a simple matt and a cup. You'll even find that your lounge has plenty of interesting lines. Take it further and play some competitions with the kids.

Have some fun chipping

This one may be a challenge if you don't have an outside space, but with some creativity it is still possible. Grab a laundry bucket and/or basket and convert them into targets. We have used children playing balls to avoid any damage but you may have some practice soft balls that you can use. It's not only fun but it actually helps practice your "soft touch" with the wedges. 

Get golf fit

There are plenty of exercises that you can do without having to run to the gym. Using basic gym equipment or simply things that you have at home... There are plenty of tips and programs online that you can follow at home. We have gone with the fitness routine from World No.1 Rory McIlroy...why not? One can Dream, right?
Check it out here.  

Improve your mental approach

There is no better time to do what you have been delaying your entire golfing career. So let's pick a book and get that side of the game finally working! Again, there is plenty of choice out there so we have decided for a classic that has helped many professional golfers improve their results. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella is a delightfull book full of interesting stories about the game. You can find it on Amazon Kindle. 

Analyse your swing

Ok, we know it's not the same without a golf ball but there is no reason why you can't do some work on your swing at home. Of course this requires enough space to execute a golf swing and to be extremely careful not to hurt anyone. We used my son's plastic clubs to be safe, and a selfie stick to hold the phone. You can't find many apps to help you with this task and they can be a bit fiiddly. We've tried VirtualPro and V1 which do the job well but you may need to read the tutorials. 

Plan your post COVID-19 trip. Risk free!

Holidays start with the planning, right? We'll it's time to really embrace that idea as your next golf trip may seem to distant otherwise. Now, a few words of advice...let's dream realistically. Planning a trip for next week is clearly not going to work, but waiting 6 months may be too difficult to cope with. So perhaps you should go with a mid-term option. Club Golf d'Aro is allowing for free cancellation anytime, you will only be charged a small booking fee which is out of our control. 

Book here.

Check your knowledge
of the rules

We admit that this is not the most fun part of the game, but it can really safe a shot once in a while and after Last Year's changes, there is still some confusion on some basic rules. So why not test your knowledge? The R&A has Three quizzes available online for anyone to take and there is even a Golf organizer if you want to do a Quiz Night at home.

Check them out here. 

Make use of your tees

You won't learn much from this exercise but, if you have small kids at home it may buy you some precious quiet time. Grab a box, ideally consistant enough to endure the heavy treatment (we chose an old mobile phone box). With a knife pierce plenty of small holes and then poke the goles with a golf tee. Gran as many tees as the holes you've made and let the little one have fun!

Train the next Generation If you have a toddler at home and have been wondering when would be the right time to introduce them to the game....well here's the Perfect time. Rule No.1 - Make it fun! Those plastic clubs that you thought were only a toy are actually the best way to get the Little guys starting. Using a cardbox create some fun targets with characters they like (in our case it was a rabbit) and play with them! 
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